Our team

Meet the passionate faces behind TSMG CO. Each of us brings unique expertise to bring your personalized shopping experience to life.

Director of Creativity

Our creative visionary, N'ryck, is the master mind behind the innovative designs that define our brand. His artistic flair and passion for originality inspire every product we offer. He guides our team with boundless creativity, transforming simple ideas into unique masterpieces.

Personalization Specialist

In charge of customization, Dénissa ensures that each product meets your expectations. His meticulousness and attention to detail make each order a unique and precious creation. He is here to ensure that your vision becomes reality through our personalized products.

Technology Guru

Our technical expert, X, keeps our website state-of-the-art for a smooth and secure shopping experience. From personalization features to payment processes, X ensures that your journey on our platform is as exceptional as our products.

Customer Relations Manager

Jeremy is your go-to person for any questions, concerns or suggestions. Their passion for customer satisfaction and commitment to providing exceptional service make your shopping experience a top priority. He is there to support you every step of the way.

Master of Communication

Luc is the voice of our brand. Responsible for communications, he shares our history, our promotions, and the latest news with you. His creativity in writing and design ensures that each message is as memorable as our products.